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Below are questions we’re commonly asked. If your question isn’t listed, we will gladly give a penny for your thoughts. Use our contact form; if we add it to our site, we’ll send you a gift card.

  • What is "fee-only" planning?

    Fee-Only advisors are those who are paid solely by the client. They do NOT accept commission on products sold or any other forms of compensation from third parties, eliminating conflicts of interest related to compensation and allowing for objective advice.

  • Why does Timothy Financial Counsel practice “fee-only, hourly-only”?

    Most Fee-Only advisors’ primary compensation is through fees related to managing client investments. Hourly-only means we do not manage assets — eliminating another potential conflict of interest since the amount of assets you have does not impact our compensation.

    This model also means we don’t have to turn anyone away, as most firms that manage assets have a minimum requirement for assets.

  • Is there a minimum amount of earned income or assets I must have for you to work with me?

    No, some firms have net worth minimums, but we believe that quality financial planning is for everyone.

  • How much is this going to cost me?

    Financial planning fees vary from client to client, based on the specific service areas required and the complexity of the situation. The final fee will be based on the hourly rate of your primary advisor ($300 – $450 per hour). To get an idea, visit our fees page. To get a firm quote, call us to set up a no-obligation introductory consultation.

  • Your hourly rate is higher than some other hourly firms. What do I get?

    Value. At Timothy Financial Counsel, we offer:

    • Depth of knowledge: access to up-to-date expertise from our experienced team of professionals;
    • Objectivity: confidence that the advice you get is objective and independent;
    • Customized advice: solid financial advice reflecting your own unique situation with specific recommendations to equip you to move closer to your goals.
Get Started
  • Do you have evening or weekend hours?

    We typically reserve one evening per week for appointments with individuals who have no flexibility in their schedules. This is a popular time, so it tends to fill quickly. However, we do not offer weekend hours.

  • What is your average initial engagement?

    Our clients widely vary, but an average engagement might be 15-17 hours or about $4,080, though we have clients who have only needed 1 hour as well as those who have exceeded 60 hours.

  • How do I get started?

    Review our fees page to get an idea of what level of service you need and who the primary advisors could be. Fill out our “Get started” form, and we will contact you and have a brief conversation to confirm if there is a good match. Or, call us during regular business hours. We will then schedule a no-obligation consultation and provide you with a firm quote before we begin any work.

Types of Clients
  • Do you work with clients who are out-of-state?

    Yes. Timothy Financial Counsel offers hourly fee-only financial planning for clients all over the country (see disclosure page), but many of our clients live or work in Wheaton, Chicago, Arlington Heights, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Oak Park, and St. Charles. Contact our office to set up a no-charge introductory consultation.

    We have served clients in AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IA, IN, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NM, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA and WI.

  • Who can benefit most from Timothy Financial Counsel's Services?

    Any individuals seeking objective financial advice who want to pay only for what they receive. Those seeking a long-term relationship without a long-term contract, high-priced retainer fee, or hidden costs.

    Clients have the flexibility to work with us on either a one-time as-needed basis or on an ongoing regular basis. Our clients want an expert to guide them and provide clarity for their financial future.

    Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds: from new graduates to retirees, small business owners to corporate executives, young parents to grandparents, and anywhere in-between in these groups. However, the profile of a typical client might be:

    • Middle to high income individuals or families
    • Good savers who are willing to work at achieving a secure financial future
    • Strong accountability to themselves to “get things done”
    • Preference for objectivity and honest answers to difficult questions
  • Who would not be a typical client?
    • Individuals who spend more than they earn, or struggle with debt.
    • Day traders or stock pickers looking for a brokerage-type relationship.
    • Individuals who want to delegate all financial decisions.
Working With Us
  • It seems like a lot of work - what is your financial planning process?

    It may seem overwhelming at first, but our job is to partner with you to take charge of your financial future. We have a questionnaire that is designed to be thorough but easy to use. Many of our clients find this data gathering part to be extremely helpful in and of itself. It provides clarity and organization that they can continue to use in the future.

    Next, we do an in-depth review of your current financial situation, then assess your objectives, risk tolerance, and priorities to provide you with specific advice and recommendations in a clearly written plan made just for you. At the presentation meeting we review the recommendations in detail and will answer any questions you might have. You may, like many clients, continue to engage us to do regular reviews or to answer future questions.

  • How are you different than a CPA or a lawyer?

    Accountants and lawyers generally focus on their specific areas of expertise. We advise on how those areas interrelate. We don’t replace any of these specialties but advise you to make the right decisions that best achieve your overall goals.

  • Once my initial financial plan is complete, will our relationship end?

    After the initial engagement, we offer ongoing services, periodic reviews, and day-to-day consultation done upon your request only. Clients are welcome to contact us for annual checkups, updates if they have a life change, or if they just have a financial question that they want answered. All future work is billed in one-minute increments at our current hourly rate.

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