Why do people hire Timothy Financial Counsel?

For over twenty years we have been helping clients clarify their financial goals and align them with their financial plan. As life progresses, we continue to validate our clients’ financial decisions, offer them new ideas as they consider their goals, and serve as a trusted thought partner along the way. Clients have regularly shared that the following aspects are what they value most about working with Timothy Financial Counsel.

Why do people hire us?


We offer clients an independent validation of their financial decisions.

“Am I on the right track?”


We offer clients new ideas and strategies they may not have thought of on their own.

“Are there things I should be doing differently?”

Trusted Thought Partner

We are a trusted resource for you.

“Who will be my thought partner in the future when my situation or external circumstances change?”

Family Resource

We are a resource to your spouse and children.

“Who will I turn to if something happens to my spouse?”

“Who can help prepare my children to manage their finances well?”