When it comes to your finances, many minds are indeed better than one.

Our team is more unusual than you think.

Timothy Financial Counsel, Inc. is unique among fee-only financial firms that provide hourly advice. Most hourly firms are sole practioners, giving you one perspective on your finances. Our financial plans are reviewed by multiple advisors so you get the advantage of a variety of perspectives and areas of expertise.

If you are looking for the best fiduciary planning advice and want to only pay for our time by the hour, stop looking and take control of your finances.

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Why do people hire us?


We offer clients an independent validation of their financial decisions.

“Am I on the right track?”


We offer clients new ideas and strategies they may not have thought of on their own.

“Are there things I should be doing differently?”

Trusted Thought Partner

We are a trusted resource for you.

“Who will be my thought partner in the future when my situation or external circumstances change?”

Family Resource

We are a resource to your spouse and children.

“Who will I turn to if something happens to my spouse?”

“Who can help prepare my children to manage their finances well?”