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Timothy Financial Counsel’s financial planning advice has been so beneficial to my husband and me as we retired from our business.  After the passing of my husband, their consistent financial advice has given me peace of mind.  Solid financial planning with honesty and integrity.  Their advice has proven priceless!!

Leann Schambach
Client since 2006
Retired Small Business Owner

Timothy Financial Counsel has been my family’s trusted partner in developing and executing our financial plans – from our estate planning, to our investment strategy, to our tax planning, and everything in between. They are a talented team with impeccable ethics, who are great to work with, and have a time-based fee structure that aligns their interests with those of their clients.

Andrew & Nicole Hayek
Clients since 2015
Corporate Executive/Entrepreneur

We have been clients of Timothy Financial Counsel for many years. Their financial planning skills helped us get off to a solid start that has carried us into a comfortable retirement. The peace of mind we got from working with Timothy Financial was invaluable.

Mike & Dee Mallie
Clients since 2007
Retired Nonprofit Director & Educator

Timothy Financial Counsel prepared a financial plan for us that focused on our needs, goals, and risk tolerance. The planning process and plan implementation put us at ease. We continue to meet with our team at Timothy Financial regularly to make sure we are still on track and adjust the plan as necessary.

Harry & Deb Vellines
Clients since 2004
Retired Corporate Director

The analysis, options, reminders, cautions, opportunities, and recommendations I have received from Timothy Financial Counsel over the last two decades have enabled me to reinforce my financial security, build both wealth and risk protection, and identify ways to leverage my resources for family and community good.  Timothy Financial gives me all the tools and support necessary to think through my options for the long term.

Sue Wallace
Client since 2007
Corporate Executive

We have been using Timothy Financial Counsel for many years now, both personally and professionally.  They have shown integrity, honesty, and complete professionalism when advising us.  With their help, we have been able to face retirement knowing we are financially sound.  Their advice on business projects has been right on point, and we are confident that the choices we have made together have always been to our benefit.

Peggy & Gary Golnick
Clients since 2008
Business Owners

For many years Timothy Financial Counsel has provided us with outstanding advice. From planning for retirement, to crafting a portfolio that reflects our tolerance for risk, to providing timely updates, the team at Timothy Financial has given us something very important – peace of mind. We truly appreciate their expertise.

Tom & Letty Nolan
Clients since 2005
Retired Corporate Executive

In the years leading up to retirement, we were worried about our post retirement financial situation. We sought the advice of Timothy Financial and they provided us wise counsel. We have continued to rely on their advice. They have reduced dramatically the financial stress of our retirement years.

P.J. & Lois Hill
Clients since 2003
Retired Economics Professor

Timothy Financial Counsel does not receive asset management fees or back-end payments so pervasive in financial services today. As a result, we know the advice we receive from them is always with integrity and aligned with our interests. Timothy Financial considers our total financial picture, not just our investments. Their talented team consistently delivers high value and has become our trusted advisor for all financial matters.

Bill & Colleen
Clients since 2017

Timothy Financial Counsel has been invaluable to me in navigating my personal financial and estate planning after the passing of my spouse.  I especially appreciate that they are proactive in raising topics for consideration that were not on my radar.  The firm has  also provided me access to attractive private investment opportunities and has been a great help to me in crafting my charitable giving plans.

Laurie McMahon
Client since 2013
Retired Banking Executive

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