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We are fee-only, but different.


We are perfect for the DIYer, but can also help you implement your plan.

Wealth Management

We have the strengths of a traditional firm without the fees based on portfolio size.

The best financial advice comes with no strings attached

Pay only for the time you need — by the hour. No asset management fees, no subscription fees. Discover why people across the country, from those just starting out to those with complex situations, get their financial advice from Timothy Financial Counsel. We are fee-only, but different.

All fee-only planning firms are not the same

Timothy Financial Counsel has always been a fee-only fiduciary financial planning firm. Like other fee-only firms, we don’t receive commissions based on our recommendations. Unlike other fee-only firms, our fees are not tied to the size of your investment portfolio. We simply charge for our time by the hour. You only pay for the time you need. You also receive an upfront quote on your initial financial plan — so there are no surprises.

Most hourly firms are sole practitioners – so you’re getting only one perspective

Timothy Financial Counsel is the largest hourly-only financial planning firm in the country. Our team approach ensures your plan is reviewed by multiple advisors with different areas of expertise and specialized knowledge. You’ll have access to the strengths of a traditional wealth management firm, but only pay for the time you need.

You can do it yourself, but you don’t have to go it alone

We provide the advice and you implement the plan (or we can help you implement if you prefer). And while we offer investment advice, we don’t take custody of your assets nor do we have any account minimums, so we can truly serve you whether your financial life is complex or relatively simple.

If you are ready to clarify your goals, develop an action plan, and get equipped to take control of your financial life, contact us to arrange a no-obligation introductory meeting.

Why do people hire us?


We offer clients an independent validation of their financial decisions.

“Am I on the right track?”


We offer clients new ideas and strategies they may not have thought of on their own.

“Are there things I should be doing differently?”

Trusted Thought Partner

We are a trusted resource for you.

“Who will be my thought partner in the future when my situation or external circumstances change?”

Family Resource

We are a resource to your spouse and children.

“Who will I turn to if something happens to my spouse?”

“Who can help prepare my children to manage their finances well?”