Even among fee-only planners, Timothy Financial Counsel is unique

We are an hourly-only firm that utilizes a team approach and provides full cost disclosure on our website.

Most people understand that there are fewer conflicts of interest when you work with a fee-only financial advisor because no commissions or fees are charged based on the advisor’s recommendations. Timothy Financial Counsel is unique among fee-only planners because we are planning-centric, we don’t manage assets, and charge only for our time using an hourly rate.

A team approach doesn’t sound unique, or does it?

Many hourly planners are individuals with only one perspective. To find a financial planning firm that has a team of planners, does not manage assets, and does not have net worth or income requirements is truly distinctive. This provides you with an extra layer of confidence that you are truly receiving objective advice that is balanced by multiple perspectives.

High pressure sales techniques are not part of our DNA – we hope you won’t mind.

We don’t respond well to the slick sales approach, and we are very confident that our clients don’t either. We provide detailed information on our fee structure here.

When you are ready, we provide a no-charge introductory consultation. This meeting allows you to evaluate if we are a good fit and receive a firm quote based on your unique situation.

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